Messy Market Opens Windows To Wins


Simpler Trading Team

2 min read

With the constant shifts and rifts in the market, traders are struggling to adapt to everything happening in the market.

What would it mean to a trading plan if the average win rate was better than 80%?

Losses are a part of trading, but Simpler’s traders have been able to adapt and excel even during a volatile market that set historic records in the past year.

In this wild market it makes sense to develop a short-term trading plan that:

  • Could generate consistent gains with as little as $500
  • Avoids having to obsess over market conditions all day
  • Adjusts easily as market twists and turns
  • Finds and trades low-risk setups with strong returns
  • Allows you to enjoy trading without it being a “j-o-b”

The good news about this messy market is that it is opening windows for determined traders wanting to take advantage of the volatility. The goal is to embrace the volatility while turning a profit with limited risk.

Simpler’s team of traders enjoys sharing what they’ve learned and how they are applying this information in real-time for higher-percentage profits.

One of our traders focuses on working with accounts of $25,000 or less. Simple setups can be scaled up or down which allows for room to learn and grow.

We understand that talking about making consistent gains in this uncertain market could raise some eyebrows… especially when it’s done with limited time and capital.

So, Simpler is offering a free webinar on Wednesday, March 24, at 7 p.m. showing the process of growing a small account in a short period of time. Even in this wildly up and down market, this is a strategy to keep risk low and losses to a minimum.

Check out the details and insights… grab a seat HERE.

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