Etsy’s Rise: The Market’s Cinderella Story of the Day


Simpler Trading Team

Jul 11th 2023  .  8 min read

Market Opens Strong Amid Momentum Carryover and Nasdaq Rebalance News

The stock market opened with a bang, continuing the positive momentum from yesterday’s widespread rally. Overhanging uncertainty in the mega cap stocks, following an announcement from Nasdaq about a Special Rebalance of the Nasdaq 100 to tackle overconcentration, created a tinge of tension. Still, the market breathed in a hopeful air of anticipation, as investors waited for the unveiling of the June Consumer Price Index set for the following morning.

Today’s price action illustrates the interplay of sector performance and stock movements against the backdrop of unfolding economic data.

Sector Performance

Today, the market showed a clear split. Some sectors, like Materials, Energy, Consumer Discretionary, Industrials, and Financials, did well and their performance increased. However, other sectors like Information Technology, Consumer Staples, and Health Care didn’t do as good, showing lower growth compared to the ones doing well.

Adding to this mixed situation, the market also revealed a continuing weakness among the biggest companies. The Nasdaq announced a special adjustment of the Nasdaq 100 to prevent too much concentration in a few companies. This adjustment is meant to spread the weights around, helping to manage the risk of having too much concentrated in a few places.

Today’s Most Buzzworthy Stocks

A few individual stocks managed to attract a substantial share of today’s spotlight. Interestingly, the triumphant trio comprised of Newell Brands (NWL), Etsy (ETSY), and APA Corp. (APA) proudly took center stage, riding the day’s bullish wave with an impressive display of market strength. 

Newell Brands (NWL)

Newell Brands, a company known for its wide-ranging portfolio of consumer goods, experienced an exhilarating leap in its stock price. Thanks to a recent initiation by Canaccord, a reputable full-service financial services firm, Newell’s stock value surged by more than 10%. This massive jump can be attributed to Canaccord’s favorable initiation, which potentially ignited investor interest and confidence in Newell’s overall market performance and future prospects.

Etsy (ETSY)

Next, we talk about Etsy, an online shop known for unique and handcrafted items. Its stock price saw a significant increase recently, making headlines in the finance world. Many believe this rise is due to lots of talk and interest in the company’s stock options. Some interesting points and happenings related to Etsy’s stock options have been pointed out, leading to a boost in trading. This might show that people are guessing there could be changes in the stock price, or that they believe Etsy can continue to grow due to its strong foundation and its strategic place in the online shopping world.

Even though Etsy faced some difficulties this year, it surprised everyone with a strong two-day stock price surge this week. During these two days, its stock price jumped up by an impressive 14%. On one of those days, it even increased by a huge 10% to $94.64 per share. This was the biggest single-day increase since November 2022. Even though Etsy’s stock price has fallen by 21% in 2023, it came in second place on Tuesday compared to all the companies in the S&P 500. This shows its ability to bounce back and has made many people pay attention.

APA Corp. (APA)

Meanwhile, APA Corp., an energy holding company, also found itself basking in the glow of the market’s favorable view. APA Corp’s stock performance today appears to have been buoyed by the substantial gains in crude oil futures. This is hardly surprising given APA’s involvement in the exploration & production of natural gas and crude oil. With oil prices climbing upwards, investors seemed to have taken this as a positive sign for APA’s profitability, leading to increased buying pressure and a subsequent rise in its stock price.

VeriSign (VRSN)

In contrast, VeriSign (VRSN) languished as the day’s top underperformer, following a downgrade to ‘Neutral’ by Robert W. Baird.

Earnings Waves Rocking the Market Boat

Tomorrow’s financial calendar is particularly significant, with numerous S&P 500 constituents including “systemically important financial institutions” like JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Wells Fargo (WFC), Citigroup (C), BlackRock (BLK), PepsiCo (PEP), and Delta Air (DAL) slated to report their Q2 earnings. UnitedHealth (UNH), a key DJIA component, is also expected to report its earnings on Friday.

Investors and traders are keen to analyze these earnings reports as they can act as key indicators of the companies’ health and profitability. Any surprises, positive or negative, can cause significant market movements and sector-wide impacts. 

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Today’s Economic Narrative

There’s a palpable tension in the air, with market participants awaiting a flurry of key economic data scheduled for release tomorrow. These include the June Consumer Price Index (CPI) and core-CPI reports, which are slated to be published at 8:30 a.m. ET. The CPI data, in particular, is being closely watched, as it could provide further insights into the inflation trajectory and potentially guide the future direction of interest rates.

Other data set for release includes the Weekly MBA Mortgage Applications Index and the Weekly EIA Crude Oil Inventories. However, the one to watch out for is the Fed’s Beige Book for July, which is expected to be out at 2:00 p.m. ET. This compilation of anecdotal information on current economic conditions could significantly influence market sentiment.

On the treasury front, the day saw mixed fortunes. The 2-yr note yield rose by four basis points to 4.89%, while the 10-yr note yield fell three basis points to 3.98%. The high yield on the Treasury’s $40 bln 3-year note auction was pegged at 4.534% with a bid-to-cover ratio of 2.88.

Furthermore, the Energy sector witnessed a momentous day with futures settling higher. WTI crude oil futures climbed 2.6% to $74.90/bbl and natural gas futures ascended 2.6% to $2.70/mmbtu. The buoyant performance in the Energy sector seems to be having a ripple effect on associated stocks, as evidenced by the substantial gains for APA Corp. (APA).

The day also saw Gold futures settling higher, with a rise of $6.10 (+0.3%) to $1,937.10/oz, owing in part to weakness in treasury yields and the greenback. The U.S. Dollar Index noted a slight dip of about -0.3% to $101.68.

Summary of Market Performance

Today’s closing figures tell a story of a generally optimistic market. Each of the major stock indexes reflected this sentiment with clear gains, navigating through a choppy sea of sector performances and economic announcements.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) advanced confidently, increasing by 314.84 points, or 0.93%, closing the day at 34,259.24. This demonstrates an encouraging upward trajectory, likely influenced by the robust performance in the Materials, Energy, Consumer Discretionary, Industrials, and Financials sectors.

Following closely, the S&P 500, broad in its representation of the market, enjoyed an increase of 29.6 points, equating to a growth of 0.67%. This brought the index’s closing figure to 4,439.13. As usual, the S&P 500’s performance is a reflection of the varied sectoral dynamics, with individual performances such as those from Newell Brands (NWL), Etsy (ETSY), and APA Corp. (APA) contributing to the overall rise.

The tech-centric NASDAQ composite also posted gains, albeit at a slightly more modest pace. The index rose by 74.71 points, representing a 0.55% increase, which settled the day at 13,760.19. The day’s performance is particularly significant, given the unfolding scenario of the Nasdaq 100’s Special Rebalance and the performance of individual tech stocks such as VeriSign (VRSN).

In the commodities market, Gold futures and Oil prices also saw positive changes. Gold, a traditional safe-haven asset, climbed by $6.3 per ounce, an increase of 0.33%, ending the day at $1,937.3. The increment in Gold prices might have been influenced by the slightly weaker US dollar and the modest dip in treasury yields.

Simultaneously, the oil market also experienced a buoyant day. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Crude Oil price surged by $1.92, marking a 2.63% increase. This brings the final spot price for the day to $74.91 per barrel. The substantial gains in oil futures undeniably played a part in uplifting the performance of energy-related stocks, as seen with APA Corp. (APA).

In sum, today’s market was a blend of gains across major indices and key commodities, reflecting the complex interplay of sector performances, economic data, and individual stock dynamics.