Are The Micro Voodoo Lines ‘Just Another Indicator’? A Note To Our Members


Simpler Trading Team

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Are The Micro Voodoo Lines ‘Just Another Indicator’? A Note To Our Members

Simpler Trading is a company dedicated to helping traders improve by providing them with reliable tools and education. Our team spends months and sometimes years testing our indicators before releasing them to the public for sale. Although we do make money selling our products and teaching classes, our priority is to ensure our customers have access to the most effective tools and education possible.

Our dedication to our customers goes beyond just the products we offer. We provide a community of traders who can share ideas, experiences, and strategies to benefit everyone. We are committed to transparency and honesty in our business practices, understanding that trust is crucial in trading. We never make unrealistic promises and are always upfront about the risks and rewards of trading.

Micro Voodoo Lines™ is a testament to our commitment to our customers. Developed by David Starr, this indicator provides levels of support and resistance for intraday trades based on smaller time frames. However, it is not just another indicator. Our team of experienced traders has thoroughly tested Micro Voodoo Lines™ and has found it to be a reliable tool for identifying key levels in the market, especially during volatile market conditions. We rigorously test all of the products we offer to our customers because we care deeply about helping traders succeed. 

When purchasing the Micro Voodoo Lines™ package, you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality, extensively tested product. Our traders use these indicators in their own trading, ensuring they have been developed with real-world experience and expertise.

Why We Created Micro Voodoo Lines™

In a market that lacks a consistent memory from day to day, where every day brings fresh news of inflation, rate hikes, and other economic indicators that may impact the market, Micro Voodoo Lines™ can be particularly beneficial. In such an environment, making sense of price action can be challenging, and traders may find it taxing to keep up with the constant fluctuations. The Micro Voodoo Lines can aid traders in interpreting price action and recognizing vital levels to monitor, simplifying trading and reducing stress levels.

Micro Voodoo Lines™ can aid traders in comprehending market movements by providing a ‘road map’ of price action. These lines are a more detailed version of classic voodoo lines, which are founded on the concept that prices move systematically from one level to another. The Micro Voodoo Lines™ are designed to operate on shorter timeframes, such as 15-Minute charts, providing traders with a more detailed view of intraday price action. 

The use of Micro Voodoo Lines™ can be advantageous to traders as they provide a transparent pathway of the market’s movement and facilitate traders to pinpoint critical support and resistance levels. These levels can function as targets for entry and exit points and as stops for risk management. By comprehending the market’s movements in this manner, traders may have a more granular view of price action in a smaller time frame.

If you’d like to learn more about Micro Voodoo Lines™, we invite you to listen to a webinar replay of the Micro Voodoo Line presentation; click here!