Learn How A 30-Year Veteran Trader ‘Cracked The Code’…

Time To ‘Go Big’ With Ready. Aim. Fire!®

Learn From John Carter’s Multiple 7-Figure Trades During Market Madness

Learn when to quickly bail on bad trades and move to the next potential home run

The secret that let John close FOUR 7-figure plays in a short time

Have you ever felt stuck at a certain level of trading success? You’re not alone…

Most traders have a mental limit on their profits.  When they hit a winning streak they may feel  unstoppable. But the easy gains never last…

Suddenly, they get hit with losses until their account gets down to “normal.” They assume it was just “bad luck” but often it’s self-sabotage.

Some traders do what John Carter did in the past and wipe out several accounts on their journey. It got so bad he almost quit several times.

Truth is, it took him 8 long years before learning how to consistently make six figures. Once he did, he quit the corporate job and never looked back. Life was good…

But what John believed to be possible completely changed in January 2014.

That’s when one trade made over $1.4 million in 24 hours.

And until 2020 happened, that was John’s personal record.

In the summer of 2020 — during a worldwide economic shutdown — that record was shattered…

In a few short months, John had FIVE million or more trades. His trading account exploded by more than $12 million. His trading “belief system” changed as he was breaking personal records every month. The biggest winner was $3.75 million.

What happened?

He “cracked the code” for hitting home runs…

John shares how this is literally the biggest breakthrough he’s had in 30+ years and you need to know about it.

This new level of believing in what is possible allowed John to shatter all past mental profit limits.

Like that one trade for a $3.75 million home run…

3.75 TSLA screenshot

The good news is you don’t need a 7-figure account to see explosive growth…

John was even able to take a $10,000 account to over $45,000.

So, you don’t need a lot of capital…

What’s behind John’s confidence that makes 7-figure trades possible?

Traders have asked what John is doing for such consistent, huge gains. So he’s put together an incredible course on when to “go big” using Ready.Aim.Fire!®.

The markets can be an oasis for traders even when the environment is full of chaos and uncertainty… 

Throughout all the market turmoil John found an abundance of opportunities using his system. The market never stops, so the opportunities “ain’t over yet,” not by a long shot. So, if this isn’t your best trading year yet (or even if it is), why not make it the best (or even better)?

There’s an African proverb that says, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

In John’s step-by-step training you’ll discover:

How John knew exactly when to ‘go ‘big’ and made $12.8 million in 2020!

How to tweak entry timing to unleash breathtaking gains (and sleep at night, too)

How John lets the market’s ebb and flow generate six-figure weekly income

Why ‘diversifying’ with too many trades is for suckers (and what to do instead)


Choose The Ready. Aim. Fire!® Pro System Package You Want:

What's Included:

Strategy Class
(Value $697)

Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Indicator
(Value $697)

Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Scan
(Included with RAF Pro® Indicator)

E-Learning Module
(Value $697)

Bonus: Intro to Options w/Danielle
(Value $197)

Recorded Pro Live Trading
(Value $597)

Recorded Elite Live Trading
(Value $597)

Options Gold Monthly
(Value $247)



  • Strategy Class
  • Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Indicator
  • Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Scan
  • E-Learning Module
  • Bonus: Intro to Options w/Danielle
  • Recorded Pro Live Trading
  • Recorded Elite Live Trading
  • Options Gold Monthly
  • Buy now



  • Strategy Class
  • Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Indicator
  • Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Scan
  • E-Learning Module
  • Bonus: Intro to Options w/Danielle
  • Recorded Pro Live Trading
  • Recorded Elite Live Trading
  • Options Gold Monthly
  • Buy now

    Best Value



  • Strategy Class
  • Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Indicator
  • Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Scan
  • E-Learning Module
  • Bonus: Intro to Options w/Danielle
  • Recorded Pro Live Trading
  • Recorded Elite Live Trading
  • Options Gold Monthly
  • Buy now

    Here’s what others are saying about trading with John Carter:


    @JC Im still in the trade but Stop Loss is set. Guaranteed $100k Profit. First ever! Congrats on your Grand Slam! Love this community.

    - Randall

    @JC Thank You on the TSLA trade. Made enough to send kid to college for 4 years! Thinking of drawing out the cash and putting it in a college fund!

    - Rafa

    "@JC. I was always that someone on the other side of the trade with $TSLA. Just changing that attitude and by just following your trade, put me on plus $125000/- from minus $50000/- on TSLA positions for this year in less than 2 weeks. Thanks again JC"

    - Nathan

    @JC I can't thank you enough for all of your wisdom and education here at Simpler , and the amazing group of professional traders you have put together to teach! Just amazing, I have never been so financially well off as I am today! Thank you again

    - Hoffer

    @JC i have had the best week, month, quarter, and year I have ever had in my 20+ year trading career, and I'm taking $$$ out of my accounts and investing in my real estate business

    - Rick F

    @JC my favorite charities got a nice August surprise that I wired out. You taught me well!!!

    - TimC

    @JC, its amazing but I also up 18% form month of Aug after being down all year long. THANKS to you and all ST team for the Great trades and support.

    - Moe

    @JC wow, congratulations! I made 400k on Aug 21 Tsla. I'm holding 40 contracts on aug 28. I'm debating on whether to sell or hold a little longer till it hits 2k?

    - Ann

    @JC - Thanks for the TSLA trade. It's my biggest one yet with the Simpler team.

    - Mike in Grand Rapids

    @JC wow, congrats. I took off my TSLA CDS position as well. It was one of my biggest single stock, single trade winners. I wish I had bigger size when I put it on.

    - Star Lord

    "I still cannot get over this 430K TRADE IN 5 MIN :-)"

    - Nike

    BASIC / $797 $2,288

    Includes Recorded Strategy Class + Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Indicator 
    + Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Scan + E-Learning Module + Bonus: Intro to Options With Danielle Shay

    This is the first training on the system that helped John Carter generate a record $12.8 million in less than six months. In 2020, the most chaotic year any of us have experienced, John racked up more 7-figure trades than in his previous three decades.

    What is his secret? He “cracked the code” on when to “go big”.

    The key to confidently pulling the trigger on the best trades is having tools that precisely identify when to get in and avoid being “head faked.” This one “tweak” has helped John know when to load up his position size and when to stay in when a trade has the potential to deliver breathtaking profits (like his record-breaking $3.75 million Tesla trade).

    Imagine being able to know with confidence when to stay in a potential “grand slam” trade and when to bail quickly when a trade doesn’t pay off. That is how it’s possible to lock in insane gains while still sleeping soundly at night. This is how John was able to harness unprecedented profit potential in an historic volatile market!


    The results speak for themselves. John beat his personal record in January of 2014 when he made his first $1.4 million TSLA trade. And after “cracking the code” in 2020, he racked up FOUR more 7-figure home runs…


    The recorded Strategy Class is the first time John shared what he learned generating a record $12.8 million in one year. He will break down how to use the Ready. Aim. Fire® Pro System, and how he knows when to “go big” and take full advantage of what the market has to offer.

    Every trader dreams of pulling in windfall profits. But until now the challenge was knowing when to “go big” and when to get out and avoid “head fakes.”

    That is why we’re so excited to introduce you to the genius of David Starr, a long-time trader and indicator creator at Simpler Trading. He developed the Ready. Aim. Fire!® Pro System, which includes his popular proprietary indicator and a powerful custom scan.

    This is a game-changing breakthrough for David’s already amazing “R.A.F!”® tools.


    Ready. Aim. Fire!® Pro Indicator

    $697 Value

    Ready. Aim. Fire!® Pro System takes the proven trade timing technology to the next level. His original “R.A.F!”® is a “must have” indicator for most of the Simpler Team. Its uncanny ability to reveal reversals has helped them identify countless high-probability trades over the past 5+ years.

    The indicator is designed to help identify when a support or resistance level is likely to hold with a precise trigger for entry and exit targets. Built in alerts target upcoming turns with an objective 3-step process. The goal is to catch tops, bottoms, and retracements with tight stops. Now, this upgraded version is finally available exclusively with John’s class. Currently available for ThinkorSwim and TradeStation.


    Original Ready. Aim. Fire!® Pro Scan

    Included with the RAF Pro® Indicator

    With the Ready. Aim. Fire!® Pro Scan, it’s now quick and easy to identify reversals without having to manually look at each chart. This makes it possible to simply select the best trades and thereby only target the highest probability setups.

    So many traders get stuck in bad trades because they don’t have a proven way to find opportunities where they have a true edge. This scan puts that power at your fingertips. Currently available on ThinkorSwim only.


    E-Learning Module

    $697 Value

    Also part of this package is the E-Learning Module which presents all the important sections of the course in video modules that are organized into specific training topics.

    Like all recorded parts of this package, you can watch, study, and watch again everything the course has to offer from anywhere you have internet access — your phone, tablet, and computer. Your course is available around the clock for your convenience.


    Bonus: Intro to Options with Danielle Shay

    $197 Value

    Like any great teacher, we want you to keep learning. Intro to Options With Danielle Shay is a recorded class designed to help you learn the foundations of options trading.

    Most options training is confusing because it’s chock full of complex academic theory and jargon. Good news, as Danielle has proven in her stellar rise from teacher to a full-time trading career, mastering a few simple core concepts is key to understanding how to trade options.

    This class also shares simple strategies designed to help even the newest trader exploit the incredible profit potential of leveraged options.

    This course is full of helpful information, including avoiding rookie mistakes, money management essentials, daily trading checklist, and discovering how important controlling your mindset is to successful trading.

    PRO / $1,297 $2,885

    Includes Recorded Strategy Class + Ready.Aim.Fire® Pro Indicator + Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Scan  + Learning Module + Bonus: Intro to Options With Danielle Shay + Recorded Pro Live Trading

    The Premium Package delivers everything in the Basic Package with the addition
    of Recorded Pro Live Trading. 

    This is your opportunity to advance your skills while watching full recordings of live-trading
    sessions with John Carter, David Starr, and Henry Gambell (Senior Managing Director of Options Trading) in multiple sessions recorded over a two-day period.

    We believe there is no better way to deepen your mastery of the Ready. Aim. Fire® Pro System than to follow John, David, and Henry while watching their screens as they look for high-probability setups during market hours. These recorded sessions include intraday and swing trades in stocks, options, and even futures.

    Learning from these sessions offers a proven way to absorb and internalize your new strategy and “make it your own” because you get to use your new knowledge according to your trading plan and time schedule. It is amazing how much it is possible to improve skills in a few sessions.

    Plus, you get access to our Simpler Trading knowledge base online and our customer service professionals. Our goal is to make sure you know everything you need to be successful with the Ready. Aim. Fire!® Pro System.


    ELITE / $1,597 $3,679

    Includes Recorded Strategy Class + Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Indicator + Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Scan + E-Learning Module + Bonus: Intro to Options With Danielle Shay + Recorded Pro Live Trading + Recorded Elite Live Trading + Options Gold Monthly

    With the Elite Package you get everything included in the Basic and Pro Packages PLUS full access to the Simpler Trading team live.

    In addition, the Elite Package also includes: A total of FOUR recorded live-trading sessions.

    If you love following along with the recorded live-trading with John Carter, David Starr, and Henry Gambell, and recognize the full value of this access, this is the package for you. Take advantage of this rare opportunity (we may not offer four live-trading sessions with John, David, and Henry again). Secure your spot and get ready for an unforgettable experience with twice the recorded live-trading profit potential.

    Remember, with the Elite Package, you get everything in the Basic and Pro Packages (including the Strategy Class, the Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Indicator, Ready.Aim.Fire!® Pro Scan, and two recorded live-trading sessions) plus the additional two elite recorded live-trading sessions (that’s a total of four recorded live-trading sessions).

    And there’s more…

    In addition to everything above in the Elite Package, your course also includes Options Gold Monthly Membership (renewed monthly). These are live sessions where the Simpler community gets together to interact, ask questions, share ideas, and trade the market live.

    We understand how trading can be a lonely adventure. It’s better when we can continue our trading journey together. With our Options Gold Monthly Membership, you get to connect with Henry and our team of traders as they share trading ideas in real-time during live chat room sessions.

    When you’re an Options Gold member
    you get access to all of this:


    Live Trading Chat Room
    Connect with our experts live 5 days a week for setups, watchlist building, and trading.


    Trade Alerts
    Download our app and receive instant updates on what’s happening in the market.


    Daily Premium Videos
    Receive a recap of the trading day with trade setups and key highlights.


    Trading Room Archives
    Gain instant access to our live trading room recordings and trade alerts on all your mobile devices.

    And so much more…

    As an active Options Gold member, you’ll see the latest strategies in action from John Carter and the team. Why trade alone when you can get trading ideas from our team in real-time?

    Meet John Carter

    John’s trading strategy combines expert technical analysis with an overall macro, fundamental view. His proven trading setups identify large directional plays that he leverages with both options and futures, as well as neutral moments in time for income trading opportunities when market conditions are on the slow side. He likes being in the trade before anyone else, and he uses his signature indicator ‘the Squeeze’ to enter many of these plays. John’s trades can generally be adjusted for those looking for a more conservative take on his aggressive plays, and traders can use his tools to find setups that fit their own risk parameters. His setups, market knowledge, and guidance to continually improve yourself as a trader is invaluable.

    Frequently Asked Questions