Henry Gambell, a well-known trader and mentor, was interviewed by Alex Partida on his experience and journey in trading. In this interview, Henry shared valuable insights on his interest in trading, how he got started, and the most difficult aspects he had to overcome while learning how to trade.

1 Minute Summary

  • Henry’s interest in trading began for financial stability, and he started trading while working at Geek Squad.
  • John Carter’s mentorship pushed Henry to the next level. 
  • Bankroll management was one of the most challenging aspects for Henry while learning to trade, and he overcame it by trading single lot contracts. Henry’s trading style has evolved to focus on short-term trading. 
  • He emphasizes maintaining a healthy work-life balance and being selective and patient in trading. 
  • Henry believes aspiring traders should be committed to their goals and have a written trading plan. 
  • He is optimistic about the trading industry’s prospects and hopes to inspire and guide the next generation of traders.

Henry’s Interest in Trading

Henry’s interest in trading began with a simple desire for financial stability. He started trading stocks through Scott Trade while working at Geek Squad, a job that he was proficient in and training at the time. While doing in-home service calls, he met John Carter, a renowned author and trader. After figuring out what John was doing and becoming more familiar with it, he realized that he was interested in it too. Henry’s interest in trading continued to grow, and John’s mentorship pushed him to the next level.

Overcoming the Challenges of Learning to Trade

One of the most challenging aspects for Henry while learning to trade was the bankroll aspect, or the monetary portion in general. At the time, he had a decent paying job, but it wasn’t anything like what John was earning. Henry knew how to gamble and had been playing Texas Hold ’em. However, trading was a completely different game for him. John’s substantial size of trading made Henry realize that he needed help to handle a lot of the ebb and flow that comes with it. To overcome this obstacle, Henry started trading single lot contracts like one futures contract or one option spread which helped him avoid being concerned about it.

Henry remembered the “aha” moment when he was struggling to figure out trading. It was when he was trading weekly squeezes in Triple D, a big 3D printing company at the time. The technical weekly squeeze was something that he had been studying and working on learning for some time. When a squeeze brought the name up 10 or 12 percent in one day, he realized that he only needed a couple of trades that really worked well to make up for a lot of the other well-controlled losses. This realization was a big moment for him.

Evolving Trading Style

Alex asked Henry about his trading style and how it has evolved from when he started trading stocks till now. Henry stated that it’s hard to define how much his trading style has changed from simply buying an equity and hoping it would go up in three to six months. However, the biggest difference now is that everything is very short-term. In the beginning, zero-day (0DTE) options were unheard of. Henry tries to stay with the times and the strategies that are constantly forcing him to evolve with the market.

Importance of Maintaining Work-Life Balance

In addition to his trading strategies, Henry also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. He notes that being a successful trader requires a great deal of time and effort, but it’s important not to neglect other aspects of one’s life, such as family, relationships, and personal interests. By finding a balance between his trading activities and other pursuits, Henry has been able to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career as a trader while also living a well-rounded life.

Trading and Fatherhood

As a father, Alex asked Henry whether becoming a father has changed the way he trades and views risk, or if it’s the same old same old. Henry stated that his trading style is relatively independent of being a father. He focuses on the market mostly while his son is in school, and he doesn’t do a lot of forex, which helps a big deal.

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Advice To His Younger Self

Being a mentor and a teacher through Simpler for a long time, Alex asked Henry what he would say to his younger self if he could go back in time and be that mentor. Henry replied that he would remind himself that the market was there before he was, and it will be there after he’s gone. The market will always be going on, and it’s essential to time when to get involved with it. Be selective, be patient, and know that the market will be there when you’re ready.

He notes that many traders often get caught up in the desire for quick profits and become frustrated when trades don’t go their way immediately. However, he believes that it’s essential to take a long-term approach and wait for the right opportunities to present themselves.

Henry’s emphasis on patience and discipline is rooted in his own experiences as a trader. He recalls struggling in the early days of his trading journey, particularly when it came to managing his bankroll and handling the emotional highs and lows of the market. However, he was able to overcome these challenges through a combination of hard work, self-reflection, and the guidance of mentors like John Carter.

Advice for Aspiring Traders

Finally, Alex asked Henry what his last words would be for an aspiring trader. Henry’s response was to not give up and pick up John’s book. He believes that aspiring traders should be committed to their goals and have their own written trading plan. Writing down clear goals and ways to accomplish them can help manifest those goals into reality. 

Optimism for the Future of the Trading Industry

Looking to the future, Henry is optimistic about the prospects for the trading industry and believes that there are still many opportunities for growth and success. While he acknowledges that the markets are constantly evolving and changing, he remains committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques and sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.

As a successful trader and teacher in his own right, Henry hopes to inspire and guide the next generation of traders. He believes that anyone can succeed in the markets with the right mindset and approach, and encourages aspiring traders to stay focused, remain disciplined, and above all, never give up on their dreams.

In Conclusion 

In conclusion, Henry Gambell’s journey in trading has been a remarkable one. From starting with a simple desire for financial stability to becoming a successful trader and mentor, Henry’s dedication, hard work, and willingness to learn have led him to where he is today. Throughout his career, Henry has faced numerous challenges, but he has overcome them through perseverance and the guidance of mentors like John Carter. Today, Henry continues to inspire and guide the next generation of traders through his work as a teacher and mentor at Simpler. With his emphasis on discipline, patience, and a balanced approach to life, Henry Gambell is a shining example of what can be achieved with determination and a love for the markets.

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