Stock Market

Stock Analyst Ratings and What They Mean

Stock analyst ratings are helpful to traders and investors as they convey how professional analysts feel about the future performance of a stock. Simpler traders use several methods to consider stocks that outperform the broader market and the S&P 500 – including analyst ratings. Even before traders bring out their technical analysis tools, the positive … Read more

Dark Pool Trading

Dark Pool Trading

Dark pool trading may sound mysterious, taboo, and pretty awesome to the average trader. But, when dark pools were created, that wasn’t the reputation it wanted to garner. However, dark pool trading is an incredible and effective trading strategy, but there’s nothing mysterious or taboo about it; it’s a lot less dramatic than traders think. … Read more

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How Many Stock Trading Days in a Year

One overlooked piece of the trader’s tool chest can immediately transform chaos into an organized, well-constructed environment, and it’s as simple as a trading calendar. Traders at Simpler Trading may focus on trending stocks, volume, and momentum – but traders who have financial goals for their portfolios should know how many stock days they have … Read more

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What is Swing Trading

If you trade in the market, you’re either a trader or an investor. However, in this day and age and with the technology available to traders, you can also be both. Aside from buying and holding stocks long-term, there are many different ways to gain excellent profits in the short term, and traders do so … Read more

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How to Save for Retirement

It’s difficult to watch an evening program on the networks without viewing commercials featuring anxious retirees mulling over their retirement accounts with a cup of coffee. Many of these commercials feature retired couples walking their dog, window shopping, or riding their cruiser bikes along the boardwalk. Where are the real people who get stuck in … Read more

Options Trading for Beginners

Options Trading for Beginners

One way or another, all traders and investors alike who actively trade in the stock market have heard about options trading. And with the potential that options have, it might leave you wondering how a trader such as yourself can start trading options. But before you blindly jump into the exciting world of options, you … Read more

Debit and Credit Spreads Trading

In this post: What is a defined risk strategy that is cheaper than buying a long call/put? What are debit and credit spreads? What to do when you want to go long and enter the trade in the direction of the trend? Many traders come to us with experience trading stocks, and possibly calls or … Read more


Understanding Futures Markets

The futures market has evolved over the years. It’s evolved from hedging contracts for farmers to contracts on assets of all kinds – including Bitcoin. If you’re considering jumping into futures, you’ll want to understand how futures markets work. Let’s take a look at the world of futures trading.  Futures Contracts Explained  Futures trading means … Read more

How to Trade ETFs

Bullish, bearish, chop… ETFs are your edge! Many traders overlook the Exchange Traded Funds otherwise known as ETFs. But what does ETF really mean? Until you grasp what symbols make up an ETF and how to trade ETFs, you’re going to be missing out on some great opportunities.  What Are ETFs?  An ETF is a … Read more