Market Paves Path, Sets Its Own Rules


When it comes to the stock market, traders at Simpler Trading understand that resistance creates more problems than it solves.

The core of our training follows a simple truth — the market ultimately doesn’t bend to current news events or the wishes of traders.

Traders need to understand that it becomes incredibly important to submit our personal will to that of the market. Decades of trading experience with failures and successes have taught our traders not to attempt imposing expectations on the market.

Traders — generally very distinctly independent people —  often have trouble letting the market act with no expectations.

The bottom line in trading is expectations can create significant stress when they don’t match up to reality. This can create lapses in judgment and bad decisions while trading. Therefore, we avoid at all costs trying to impose personal convictions onto the markets.

Traders are encouraged to stay focused on making money rather than being right. Don’t try to project your will onto the market.

The market will move the way it wants. Traders should work to set up trades in such a way that they can participate in whatever the market is willing to give without trying to force personal expectations on what is happening.