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Greeks Guide Veteran Trader’s Gains

August 7, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team Minimum risk, protect capital, slow and steady profits. Not too “catchy” for an options veteran’s trading … Read more

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Is ‘Buy, Buy’ Market A Sugar High?

August 6, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team Market indexes continue to grind higher and surge past previous all-time highs with expectations this is … Read more

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All-Time Highs, Gains Boost Trading Profits

August 5, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team Disney, oil, Nasdaq… how high will they go? Add in the Dow, S&P 500, gold, silver, … Read more

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Contain Emotional Rush In Wild Market

August 4, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team While others are claiming the market makes no sense, Simpler’s traders are mining the abundance of … Read more

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New Month: Be Light, Ready For Action

August 3, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team Underneath the constant current of “world is ending” news, the stock market rallied higher to begin … Read more

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Learning To Trade Can Be A Life-Long Benefit

July 31, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team “You should learn trading for your own benefit.” Great advice, but hefty words for a 12-year-old … Read more

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Do Big Tech Earnings Show A Rally Ahead?

July 30, 2020

| Shocking GDP news sent stocks reeling early Thursday before expectations of major tech earnings reports boosted tickers into the … Read more

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Sloppy Market Reveals Trading Opportunities

July 29, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team A sloppy week of trading produced a midweek uptick despite volatility from a rash of earnings … Read more

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‘When in doubt… get the h*** out’

July 28, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team A wildly choppy market Tuesday gapped down with a final-hour selloff that took another bite out … Read more

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