Five Ways to Find the Zen in Discipline


By Jack Roberts
Director of Options Strategies & Micro-Futures



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In this e-book, Jack delivers a detailed walkthrough of how he’s overcome some of his biggest trading mistakes. Jack’s 5 major points are his guide to showing others how to avoid some of these same mistakes he’s made in the past. His hope is that this can give traders the insights and guidance they need to trade in even the most unprecedented markets. Learn the 5 points that have improved Jack’s trading and discover the Zen in Discipline.

Who is Jack Roberts?


Hailing from the small town of West, Texas, Jack brings a light-hearted composure to Simpler Trading. A composure only maintained through almost two decades of trading and a solid grasp on trader psychology.


Jack has a special relatability factor in the room — a characteristic that’s made many members feel right at home with his easy going mentality and thirst for knowledge. He tackles complex ideas in a way which allows for traders of all experience levels to understand, while taking a more humorous and entertaining approach of explanation. He’ll be the first to tell you that you never stop learning as a trader - that’s the only way to get better! Jack focuses heavily on only getting into trades he truly believes in and he won’t chase a trade once it’s left his risk parameters.

That's as far as you can go!