Hunting for Tops and Bottoms

Low Risk Setups for Trading Precise Turning Points in Any Market

Thursday, September 1, 2016
at 3:30 PM Central

Join John Carter for a special online training and discover low risk option strategies for catching ‘bold and beautiful’ reversal trades.

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Most traders have no idea how to capture the massive profit potential from trading major reversals. These days’ markets often turn on a dime and those who wait for ‘conservative’ setups either miss out or suffer steep losses.

Here's what you can expect to learn during this live webinar session:

  • A simple 3-step process to identify major market turning points in any market
  • How to find low risk, high probability trades in today's volatile market conditions
  • Why it’s finally possible to catch tops and bottoms in real-time on almost any chart
  • Why these ‘Bold and Beautiful’ reversal trades can be safer than ‘comfortable’ trades
  • How to avoid getting suckered into the costly traps that most traders fall into
  • How to adapt your trades automatically for choppy conditions AND big trends
  • How to know when a support or resistance level is likely to hold or not
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Frequently Asked Questions

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This course is being recorded, and you will be receiving a password protected link to log in and view the recordings as soon as they have been rendered and posted on our site (typically within 24 hours).

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We suggest you try downloading the latest version from: Once the latest version is downloaded, close and restart your browser and try launching the class again with the link from your email. If you are still not able to join, we will be sending out a recording link within 24 hours.

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