Join John Carter for a Special Webinar on How to Predict “Inevitable” Pivots

2018-10-08 | Alexis Brown

Here at Simpler Trading we focus a lot on the Squeeze… a lot. But that’s because it’s such a fantastic easy to understand indicator. If you haven’t checked out the Squeeze, go HERE to get all the details.

However, if there’s something the world loves to remind us, nothing is perfect. While the Squeeze is a great indicator for giving off buy signals, it focuses on the bollinger bands. So what about all those other potentially great buying opportunities floating around in the markets? Well John Carter had a moment, on a plane, in the middle of the ocean, traveling halfway across the world recently.

The ‘Aha’ Moment

An ‘aha’ moment as we like to call them.

Immediately he felt the need to share it with anyone and everyone who’d listen. So he hosted a free webinar on October 2nd called “Pinpoint Profits” that you can watch HERE. During the webinar he explained his middle of the ocean ‘aha’ moment, and why he’s almost annoyed at himself for not discovering it sooner.

But trading is a growth process, we all know that. And that’s what makes the best, the best, he’s always trying to make trading as simple as possible! What he realized is that we need to be looking for the highest probability “invisible levels” that trigger the natural market ebbs and flows. What he means by “invisible levels” is that you don’t want to be looking where everyone else is looking. Why? Because if you and everyone else are looking there, then the algos are as well, and they like to run stops on the standard setups in their perpetual hunt for liquidity.

The Ebbs and Flows of the Markets

If we understand that the markets are always ebbing and flowing, especially during “non squeeze” times, and we understand the power of compounding, then we start to look at the markets differently! So he got with Eric Purdy and developed some new indicators. Indicators that provide you with the opportunity to not rely on the wide stops you have to set in place in order to compensate for the volatile equity curve from the Squeeze.

These indicators, what they are, how to acquire them, and how to use them were covered in his webinar. However, there was still more he wanted to say, so he’s hosting an encore webinar called “Dynamic Turning Points” on Wednesday, October 10th – again completely free for anyone and everyone!

To reserve your spot for his live encore webinar on October 10th go HERE.