Using Fibonacci Timing & Triggers To Trade These Markets

2016-02-24 | Carolyn Boroden

We can also use Fibonacci ratios on the TIME axis of the market to help us anticipate a change in trend.  Here is the most recent example of where timing came in and told us to watch for a possible downside reversal in the S&P.


The first chart is a timing histogram that illustrates that we had a cluster of Fib timing cycles due early this week for a possible high and reversal.  Note that the standout dates came in 2/22-25.  Since we were rallying straight into this time cluster, we were anticipating that a high might be put in.  Note that the recent high was made directly within this time window with the high being made on the 22nd.  This was followed by sell triggers.  The second chart illustrates where a sell signal came in.   I honestly don’t know if this decline will continue for sure, but I do know that we had a time/price decision for a short and it did trigger.  Just remember to trail your stops down as you go if you were involved in this one!!


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