Get TWO all new indicators that traders are calling ‘Game Changers’

Get both The Breakout Indicator and The Multi Time Frame Indicator. These 'Game Changer' indicators are designed to help you:

  • Objectively identify high probability breakouts and reversals
  • Spot ‘No-Brainer Buy or Sell’ setups at a glance on a single chart
  • Get specific alerts so you know when a setup occurs
  • Trade ‘in synch’ with hedge funds and Wall Street institutions
  • Show when multiple timeframes ALL line up using just ONE chart
  • Tell when a move has conviction (and when to avoid a fake out)
  • Know when to stay out of low probability chop conditions
  • Monitor more symbols easily because you can use just one timeframe

Game Changer Package:

Get both Indicators for $597 ($1,091 value) PLUS
a 2 Hour Training Course with John F. Carter!

The Multi Time Frame Indicator

This custom programmed indicator can identify trend direction in multiple time-frames on ONE chart in real-time.


The Breakout Indicator

This 100% objective indicator shows you automated breakout signals to help you time your entries.


Frequently Asked Questions

What trading platform are these indicators currently available for?

ThinkorSwim and TradeStation Only

How do I install the indicators for ThinkorSwim?

How do I install the indicators for TradeStation?

Can I pay to have the indicators installed for me?

Yes, for $197 someone from the Simpler Trading tech team will remote in and install the indicators for you:

Where is the manual for the indicators?

Are there recurring fees for either of the indicators?

No, there are no reoccurring fees beyond the initial purchase price.

Do you have any additional training on how to use these indicators?

If I already own version 1 of the indicator, do I have to pay to get the updated versions?


What custom time frames does John Carter look at?

39 min, 78 min, & 195 min

Do these indicators work on Stocks, Options, Futures and Forex?