Trading Journeys: The Loyal Followers

This blog is part of a series intended to demonstrate how real followers of Simpler Trading utilize the knowledge of the various traders on our team, and combine it with their own style, to successfully create their own trading path. Nothing makes me happier than getting to know the traders that we help succeed doing what we do. Please check out his story below.


The impact the Fibonacci Queen and Simpler Trading has had on his life, in his own words:

“When I started trading in 2016, I had saved up 24k that I lost all the way down to 2k, trying to trade all these different strategies, and nothing gravitated with me. Nothing made sense. I would try something only to lose money and give up and not learn. But everyone kept talking about the Fibqueen. So, I thought, this is my Hail Mary before I throw in the towel. I went to her site and I saw the $7 trial, and I thought, well I have $7. And that $7 was the best $7 I ever spent. I took the December 12th Fast Fibonacci for Day Traders and it was a huge game changer for me. I love her book, and I went back and reread it. I have watched each of her videos 6-7 times. I watch her nightly videos. I am in the chatroom as much as I can. But it’s the Fibonacci that got me. Now it’s May, and I took the $7 I paid for Carolyn’s trial and the 2k I started with and traded it up to 22k and cashed it out and turned it into a roof over my family’s head.”


Christian knew he loved trading since 2008, but he was committed to his life and job as a United States Special Forces Detachment Commander – a real life Green Beret. In the beginning, he was strictly a fundamental trader, and traded mutual funds while placing heavy importance on diversification. That’s what they taught back in 2008, right? Then he saw Carolyn on Jim Cramer. It was the first time he considered technical trading, but other traders kept referencing her work, so he knew he had to buy the book. “I didn’t want the black magic of technical trading,” he said, but he just kept hearing about the Fibqueen, so he finally bought Carolyn’s book. After purchasing Time and Price Analysis, he purchased Mastering the Trade by John Carter and states that it is one of the best trading books ever written.

Christian with the ‘G’s – special forces slang for their indigenous fighting force or covert armies.’

He was studying trading in his spare time on tour until tragedy struck. He told me that he was in the middle of reading Carolyn’s book during what would end up being his last tour in Afghanistan, when he and his men were blasted by a 3,000-pound bomb that was the size of a semi-truck. The bomb was less than a football field away, and it was truly a miracle he even survived. To put this blast in perspective, the bomb used in Oklahoma City was only 300 pounds. Thankfully, he survived and was pulled out by a covert military team. However, the damage done by the bomb didn’t heal quickly. He suffered traumatic brain injury, and after multiple tours and cross-border operations, this last strike ended his career in the military and he made his slow transition back to a civilian life.

“Picture of an American flag being put up by a covert indigenous army over a sniper hide after they got blown out.”

It took several years to recover, but in October 2016 he decided to pick up trading again.

Why Fibonacci And Simpler Trading?

“I appreciate Carolyn and Danielle, and the articles you’ve written that have helped me. I appreciate all of the Simpler Traders: Bruce Marshall, I love waking up to Henry Gambell, and I love Chris’ personality and style. I may not trade everyone’s style or platform, but I appreciate the community that they make there. I don’t watch TV. I watch Simpler Trading.

Christian’s Trading Style

“I love Fibonacci because it gave me the key battlegrounds I have at precise price points, and it gave me a clear trigger. There is a line in the sand where I must accept where I can be wrong, no questions asked. Hope was a killer for me, and it kept coming back with a lot of the other trading styles. I didn’t have a clearly defined, ‘This is broke, I need to get out,’ point before Fibonacci. I relate it to my military days. I focus on escape and evade. Once your cover gets blown you need to get out—GTFO, or in my words, E&E. Small microtrend scalping is my bread and butter, direction action raids, quick in and out. That is what I’m good at. I shouldn’t give it up. I trade $AAPL at the open almost every morning, based on my own Fibonacci levels that Carolyn taught me. I use a 5-minute chart to draw my setup zones and trade against those zones with a 34tick trigger chart for the opening 5 minutes of the cash session. My zones and triggers include overnight data. My targets are the 1.272 off the last 5-minute major swing, but I am quick to take profits at clustered resistance beforehand. I am usually flat for the rest of the day,” Christian tells me.

“100% came from Carolyn. She taught me about playing around with time frames and triggers, and I took it and made it my own with my unique version of microtrend trading only on AAPL. Everything I’m doing is what she taught in that class, and I did what she told me to do. I fully attribute my success back to her.” -Christian

If you want to learn Fibonacci for yourself, check out Carolyn’s upcoming class. Click Here to read more about it and sign-up.

Danielle Shay

Danielle Shay

Danielle got into options trading after being introduced to Simpler Options by her father several years ago when she needed a career change. She was determined to become a trader so she could work from home with her infant son, make money on her own terms and learn a skill that will last a lifetime. Trading was a rough road in the beginning, but with a lot of studying and hard work, she’s now exactly where she wants to be. She’s a former teacher and translator, having taught elementary school in Costa Rica, and ESL to refugee women in the US, and various youth programs. Teaching and helping others is her passion, and now she’s turned her attention to helping aspiring traders learn this amazing skill.

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