Time On Your Side …

2016-01-20 | Carolyn Boroden

Many traders only focus on the PRICE analysis of the market.  I do a ton of price analysis using the Fibonacci ratios on multiple markets every day.  What many miss however, is that you can also refine TIMING of the market by using the same Fibonacci ratios used on the price axis of the market on the TIME axis of the market.
This chart above below is the work I put out on the time cycles in the $SPX cash.  The confluence of cycles illustrated on this chart is the reason WHY we were watching for possible reversal activity in today’s session.  We ended up seeing a beautiful reversal in today’s session.  Now whether or not we continue to rally from this low is another story….but remember when you have TIME on your side also, you have an EDGE over other traders!  Don’t you think it was helpful to know about these cycles today?? One other thing to note is that I was also able to post the timing for a low on the 120-minute chart in the trading room.  That ended up being the low for the session!