Thinkorswim Weekend Builds Mid-February 2016

2016-02-16 | Eric Purdy

As I suspect most of you already know, this weekend brought a series of new TOS builds packed with the usual goodies and some unwelcome surprises. Most notable amongst these was the deprecation of a thinkScript function which has been in use at least since I began using the platform in 2008. Specifically I am referring to the setStyle() function. I’ve used this extensively with the curve.points style to draw dots on an indicator. This function has been replaced with a new painting strategy constant: paintingStrategy.points.

The end result of the change is that we must remove all instances of the code:


and replace it with:


Performing this replacement will return your custom TOS study to its previous glory. Though I’m never fond of surprises, this one is relatively minor and makes the thinkScript functions for styling lines a bit more consistent.



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