How To: Taking Advantage of the Fibonacci Queen’s Profit Making Calls

Why Use Fibonacci?

  • This is a form of technical analysis that is completely objective, and when followed properly, it removes emotional thinking (which causes a lot of mistakes!) from your trading.
  • Fibonacci gives you high probability, defined entry and exit points, so you’re not left wondering when the best time is to take your profits.
  • Your risk is always limited, with defined stop points so you know when your trade isn’t working and you need to get out.
  • It’s a proven method that just WORKS!

CNBC’s Jim Cramer has had Carolyn on his show Mad Money over 25 times. Want to know what he thinks of Carolyn?

“Carolyn’s chart work involves a series of bizarre ratios that were discovered by the medieval godfather of mathematics, Leonardo Fibonacci. These ratios show up all over the natural world, from the shape of flowers, pine cones, snail shells, and for whatever reason they pop up in crucial points in the stock charts too. Now, I have absolutely no idea why this works! It is a total mystery to me! But there is no denying that it does work, pretty darned often.” – Jim Cramer

Here is the data to back it up!

Let’s go back in time to September 6th, 2016. Carolyn Boroden appeared in Jim Cramer’s Off the Charts segment on Mad Money. He discussed how through Fibonacci symmetry and timing work, she was able to predict a high probability turning point in $AAPL after it fell $45.07, and made a low on May 6th, 2016. When her May 6th low held, she was able to project future price targets – at $146. Click Here to see Carolyn’s segment on Cramer, and read about the target projections she made months ago, that have played out in reality today. Check out the image below of Jim Cramer showing Carolyn’s $AAPL charts with her $146 price target on September 6th, 2016.

Even Jim Cramer himself was scared to make this prediction on the air! He stated, “When I first heard it [Carolyn’s long term price target on $APPL], I almost didn’t even want to say it on air, but I’m going to. $146! That’s right, $146. How does she come up with $146? Well, Boroden took the last big swing, and she ran it through her Fibonacci prism which gives you the target of $146, if the stock price holds above the May low of $89. While she can see $APPL eventually climbing to $146, there are important ceilings of resistance it needs to climb through. What are the ceilings? $110.70-112. $116-121. She believes that it’ll be smooth sailing up to $146 if it can clear $121. Let’s take a look at this chart from April 7th to see how it all played out.


$AAPL’s new all-time high was made this week, on April 5th at $145.46 – within $1.34 of her projected target! How’s that for accuracy?

If you haven’t tried Fibonacci, I’m hoping it’s time for you to come and make money with us. Carolyn has made a few changes to the site, one of them being the addition of me – her trading and educational assistant. My mission is to help traders make money with Carolyn’s work. I do it, and I know it’s possible. Check out the link on Carolyn’s home page called “Danielle’s Doc’s,” to get a few tips on how to trade with Carolyn’s Fibonacci analysis. I’m sure you’ll like what you see!

Click here to check out Carolyn’s site with a $7 trial for the first month, and test out trading with Fibonacci yourself!

Happy Trading!

Danielle Shay

Danielle Shay

Danielle Shay

Danielle got into options trading after being introduced to Simpler Options by her father several years ago when she needed a career change. She was determined to become a trader so she could work from home with her infant son, make money on her own terms and learn a skill that will last a lifetime. Trading was a rough road in the beginning, but with a lot of studying and hard work, she’s now exactly where she wants to be. She’s a former teacher and translator, having taught elementary school in Costa Rica, and ESL to refugee women in the US, and various youth programs. Teaching and helping others is her passion, and now she’s turned her attention to helping aspiring traders learn this amazing skill.

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