Triple Strength Trade Indicators

Precision Tools for Finding Triple Strength Trades

David Starr’s three most popular trading tools.

These three powerful tools are designed to help catch reversals and retracements on just about any price chart.  Whether you are a day-trader, swing-trader, or position-trader, the goal is to get in and out with specific profit targets and precise stops in just simple 3-steps.


Voodoo Lines: Unlike typical ‘support and resistance’ levels, Voodoo Lines use proprietary calculations that factor in 30 plus years of structural market data.  Whether you trade stocks, futures or currencies, they scale to display at the same price levels consistently on every chart.  Using almost any chart style, Voodoo Lines seek to identify hidden support and resistance levels with uncanny precision.  They can be used on time charts, Candlesticks, tick bars, volume bars, range bars, Renko bars, Point and Figure charts, Market Profile charts, and other formats.  Voodoo Lines are offered as a subscription with periodic updates for featured symbols.

Buy the Voodoo Lines for $997 (+47/mo. subscription for stock updates)


Ready. Aim. Fire: After more than 5 years in development, the brand NEW Ready Aim Fire indicator has ONE critical mission: To identify when a support or resistance level is likely to hold with a precise trigger for entry and exit targets.  Built in alerts identify upcoming turns with an objective 3-step process.  The goal is to catch tops, bottoms, and retracements with tight stops using Voodoo Lines, Dyna Range Levels, or Fibonacci Clusters to identify valid support and resistance levels.

Buy Ready. Aim. Fire. for $597


Dyna Range: As the name suggests, this dynamic tool adapts automatically to market conditions. This indicator is intended for trending and choppy conditions.  While Dyna Range can be used for entering positions, this indicator is designed specifically to offer objective exit targets based on current market action.  When used with the Ready. Aim. Fire indicator, the goal is to identify when to stay in a trade for maximum available profit, and when to take partial profits or exit. 

Buy Dyna Range for $397

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