The Most Profitable Stock Trading Patterns

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These 10 'boring' chart patterns repeat over and over again because human nature never changes. That's why hedge funds and professional traders rely on these simple setups to generate consistent returns year after year. Many traders overlook the profit potential hidden in these patterns or don't understand how to use them correctly. That's why we decided to finally create a step-by-step training so you can take advantage of these proven patterns...

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

  • How to find the most profitable stocks using timeless chart patterns in just minutes a day (so you can finally ignore the thousands of ‘dud’ stocks)
  • Why ‘boring’ chart patterns can help you catch some of the most exciting breakouts (even if you are brand new to trading)
  • How to avoid the costly mistakes that traders make with chart patterns (and simple ways to confirm whether a breakout is real or a 'hedge fund fake out')
  • My simple step-by-step trade setup process that helps me identify objective entries and exits (including profit targets and stop loss levels)
  • Why you don’t need a complicated trading strategies when the next big stock move is so simple to identify with nothing more than a basic price chart