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Profit Recycling 2.0

Allison’s New Recipe for
Hourly Options Income

Allison’s New Recipe for
Hourly Options Income

With Allison Ostrander, Director of Risk Tolerance

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Live-Trading Day 1: Tuesday, June 30th

Live-Trading  Day 2: Thursday, July 2nd 

Live-Trading Day 1:
Tuesday, June 30th

Live-Trading Day 2:
Thursday, July 2nd

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Here is what fellow Simpler Trading community
members said about Allison:


@Allison O_ST Same here!! I'm a total vertical newbie. I calculated my win rate this weekend = 74% since our class. I'm ecstatic !!! Thx So Much !! wld like some more bearish  examples to be ready for the next pull back”

- Gayle.

"@Allison O_ST  i love your trading style Allison, and for all of you out there, Allison has been the most consistently profitable for me with her recommendations/trades in the Options Room."

- FrankC

"@777 Captain Alan - played SPX using the profit recycle strategy this morning - for sure $20 profit - max profit $520 if we tank - happy with letting it run. If i get 100% profit, I'll close"

Phil T

"I want to say the overnight profit strategy changed my trading and I am consistently making an income. Thank you so much for that class Allison!
"So far, I have listened to 3 hours of Allison's class. Tell her it is one of the best I have ever listened to. The information is fantastic, explained well, great flow to the training."

- Jeff Thomas

"Thx for all of your setup's this week. Since following you these last several weeks I am batting 1.000 which is kind of amazing!"

- Yishan

About Allison Ostrander

Allison is the Director of Risk Tolerance here at Simpler Trading. Her experience in not only trading, but teaching others how to trade, shines through in her videos and blog posts. She has experienced and seen other traders go through the ups and downs of trading. Her goal is to help traders minimize the downs, so their ups can outshine in their account. Allison is able to explain complex trading strategies and chart patterns with ease. Her unique view of how to look at Capital Risk, the Chart, and the Option Chain can give any trader a new perspective on investing.

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