Weekly Cash Flow Trading Spreads


If your goal is to trade for steady income each week without having to constantly worry about market direction, then this class is designed to help you do just that.

Bruce will share the specific spread based option strategies that he’s refined after more than 28 years as a professional trader, including an enviable track record cranking out double digit annual returns for hedge funds, banks, and brokerage firms. This class will distill that knowledge down to focus specifically on spread strategies which you can use for weekly ‘trading paychecks’.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…

  • How to generate consistent weekly cash flow using spreads
  • The specific way to set up Iron Condors to pay out each week
  • When to use credit spreads instead of Iron Condors
  • How to ‘leg in’ to positions to maximize gains while reducing risk
  • The most critical part of the trade setup (and why most rookies get this dead wrong)
  • How to tweak your position to be more conservative or more aggressive
  • My money management system so you know exactly when to ‘pull the plug’