Tick Range

The Tick Range indicator can be applied to the stock trading, options trading and futures trading markets. The Tick Range indicator works in conjunction with ThinkorSwim and now Ninja Trader!

Tick Range Indicator – A Few Key Points

  • The TICK Range indicator runs on an intraday chart of the $TICK.
  • The day’s range is indicated by the red and green horizontal envelope.
  • Each new high TICK (NHT) or new low TICK (NLT) will push the envelope lines out and sound an audio alert.
  • Extreme TICK readings above user-selectable thresholds are additionally tagged with a yellow triangle.
  • Additional features: Bollinger Bands on the $TICK, Labels for average $TICK for the day, Advance/Decline line, Advance/Decline ratio, TRIN, VIX, VOLSPD.
Available On: NinjaTrader, ThinkorSwim