The Options Defense Course

The Options Defense Course


Throughout my career as a professional trader, I’ve blown a mind or two when telling tales of great trade recoveries. In this 3-Part course we will explore:

  • How to salvage a trade that’s already blown-up in your face
  • How to defend Long Options, Debit Spreads, Credit Spreads, Diagonals, Butterflies, Calendars and Iron Condors
  • How to identify if a trade is “save-able,” or if it just time to close it out
  • Methods to retrain your brain with defense in mind


Product Details

This DVD-ROM can only be played in a computer DVD drive. It is not compatible with traditional DVD players.

  • Format: DVD & Online versions provided
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Course Slides Included
  • Run Time: 572 minutes


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