A to Z Guide to Trading Futures

A to Z Guide to Trading Futures


This DVD-ROM can only be played in a computer DVD drive. It is not compatible with traditional DVD players.

  • Format: DVD & Online versions provided
  • Number of discs: 4
  • + 3 days of recorded live trading
  • Course Slides Included
  • John F. Carter, Tony LaPorta, and Neil Yeager
  • Includes: Futures Options Specifications Sheet, John’s TradeStation Workspace file, 5 Thinkorswim charts, Neil’s Box Folder (TSI, TradeStation, etc.), Tutorial on Importing Shared Content from ThinkorSwim
  • Run Time: 399 minutes (disc 1), 379 minutes (disc 2), 436 minutes (disc 3), 399 minutes (disc 4)


  • Preventing the Common Fears Surrounding Futures to Control Your Decision Making.
  • The Art of Hedging and Using Futures.
  • Understanding and Avoiding the Pitfalls New Futures Traders Consistently Make.
  • The Essentials to Start Trading Futures in Any Market Condition.
  • Making Moves While the Cash Markets Are Closed.
  • Throwing out Old Mindsets That Aren’t Working in Today’s Market Conditions
  • Look over John, Tony and Neil’s Shoulders as They Trade Live Using the Strategies You Learned from the Strategies Class, Leaving Nothing to the Imagination.
  • Learn John, Neil and Tony’s Daily Rituals for How They Approach the Markets and How They’ve Made a Living Trading Them
  • Watch as John and Neil Both Setup the “12:30 Trade” in the Live Market