Simpler Options Trading Formulas

Simpler Options Trading Formulas


  • The plan for growth in any market environment. Quiet or chaotic you must be able to profit in both to be a consistent trader
  • How to profit in volatile market. You will walk away with the strategies used to maximize your account in volatile markets
  • How to read the tea leaves of the market. Why I loaded the boat short on the Friday before Black Monday and made $250,000 in one day!
  • How to buy options when premiums are low and sell them when prices are high. We will develop a definite entry and exit plan for every trade in the class
  • How to avoid the top mistakes new and seasoned options traders make. This may save your trading account one day
  • **Includes Early In-N-Out Indicator

** Only available for TradeStation and ThinkorSwim.


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