ARCHIVED: Pocketing Premium

Discover how to convert chronic volatility into steady income with Henry's high probability spread strategies. All options expire and this is your chance to learn ho to 'win' as much as 86% of the time. And you don't have to worry about market direction.

What Will You Learn?

  • How Henry generated 10+ winners in a row (without ‘timing’ the market)
  • How to get in great stocks on ‘down’ days (with total peace of mind)
  • How to exploit weekly and monthly options expiration for steady cash flow
  • How to get paid a credit to open a trade (ex. Henry turned $13 into $402)
  • How to turn ‘worse case scenario’ trades into winners

Course Break

  • Strategy Class
  • BONUS: Options 101
  • 2 Live-Trading Days

About the Content Providers:

  • Henry Gambell

    About Henry: Henry Gambell began his career as an IT professional with a passion for gambling, which by no accident landed him at John Carter’s door one fateful day in 2010. After observing his calm demeanor, John recognized the potential trader inside him. He decided to train Henry in his craft. Henry left his job and joined John in what was at the time, the beginnings of a business being run out of an apartment. They started the company that is now Simpler Trading, and Henry helped contribute to the second edition of Carter’s book, “Mastering the Trade.” Henry is now our Vice President and Lead Content Provider.