Picking Precise Market Turning Points


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  • Format: DVD & Online versions provided
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Course Slides Included
  • Includes: Fibonacci Guidelines, Price and Time Analysis Slides, Class Charts and Screenshots, Thinkorswim Settings and Price Tools, eSignal Price Tools, TradeStation Fibonacci Tools
  • Run Time: 229 minutes


Unlocking the Power of Fibonacci in Real Time With Carolyn Boroden. In this Intermediate Fibonacci Price Analysis class you will learn:

  • How to identify opportunities in the current markets using Fibonacci Price Analysis
  • The basic Fibonacci price tools used to identify key support and resistance decisions which also DEFINE your risk
  • How to find support and resistance on multiple time frames starting with a blank chart
  • How to identify the right swing points for finding cluster zones
  • How to manage your risk/reward on multiple time frames
  • When you should rerun your price analysis to keep up with the changing market to run price retracements, extensions and projections on some of the stocks you choose


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