Layup Trading Strategies and Setups

Layup Trading Strategies and Setups


  • How to take advantage of repeatable patterns based on crowd psychology. You will be ready for upgrades, downgrades, and surprise announcements
  • Short term strategies that focus on high probability trades. Always know your probability of profit
  • Easy to use directional strategies that don’t last longer than a few days. Don’t get eaten up by time decay with these short term trades
  • How to make my most popular trading strategy using the squeeze qualify as a layup trade while increasing your probability of success
  • How you can take advantage of situations that would catch most traders off guard
  • Specific brain dead directional options strategies that anyone can do. Beginner options traders will learn how to easily trade and grow a small account. Advanced options traders will learn how to trade a portion of their account with more reliable and advanced options strategies
  • If you are worried about the pending market crash, or are frustrated by the current market environment, then these strategies are perfect for you
  • Includes the Channel % Indicator. The Channel % Indicator will alert you to the highest probability setups. ($497 Value)
  • Includes the Intraday Volume Indicator. The Intraday Volume Indicator will give us a heads up when a Layup trade is setting up. Never be too late for a trade again. ($497 Value)
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