Earnings Secrets

Learn how to profit from the massive price swings triggered by earnings announcements.

Every trader would like to profit from the massive price swings triggered by earnings announcements. Now’s your chance to find out how it’s possible to turn these binary events into high probability ‘planned profit’ opportunities.

What Will You Learn?

  • Why popular earnings strategies are doomed to fail (and how to stack the odds heavily in your favor instead)
  • Why earnings volatility terrifies most traders into missing out on extraordinary gains. This is your chance to discover practical ways to exploit these binary events
  • How to use carefully structured ‘trade sequences’ instead of going ‘all in’ on a single position
  • How to identify ‘underground’ earnings trades and avoid the highly competitive ‘name’ stocks like FB, AMZN, and GOOG
  • The savvy way to profit from predictable volatility events that repeat like clockwork
  • A little-known ‘safe trade’ setup on explosive stocks like PCLN that lets you sleep like a baby
  • The specific tools, resources, and websites that can give you an edge on earnings plays
  • The goal is to lock in extraordinary gains within just a few days while still being able to sleep at night, too

Course Breakdown

  • Session 1 Part 1:  1 hour and 26 minutes
  • Session 1 Part 2:  3 hours and 4 minutes
  • Session 2 Part 1:  1 hour and 33 minutes
  • Session 2 Part 2:  2 hours and 49 minutes
  • Session 3 Part 1:  1 hour and 41 minutes
  • Session 3 Part 2:  2 hours and 12 minutes
  • Session 4 Part 1:  1 hour and 35 minutes
  • Session 4 Part 2:  2 hours and 26 minutes

About the Content Providers:

  • About John: His trading strategy combines expert technical analysis with an overall macro, fundamental view. His proven trading setups identify large directional plays that he leverages with both options and futures, as well as neutral moments in time for income trading opportunities when market conditions are on the slow side. He likes being in the trade before anyone else, and he uses his signature indicator ‘the Squeeze’ to enter many of these plays. John’s trades can generally be adjusted for those looking for a more conservative take on his aggressive plays, and traders can use his tools to find setups that fit their own risk parameters. His setups, market knowledge, and guidance to continually improve yourself as a trader is invaluable.