Dynamic Options Traders Masters Class


Two highly respected traders (with more than 50 years of combined experience) reveal low-risk option strategies designed to catch quick explosive moves in volatile stocks. Get ready to take notes, because we’re going to review results from actual live trades executed in real-time during current market conditions.

  • Review a live trade on TSLA that brought in $17k in 1 day (along with several other recent real-money examples so you can see these setups in action).
  • Stop wasting time (and precious capital) on dud stocks. Discover how to find the right options to trade on the right stocks today.
  • Finally know when to take fast profits intraday and when to let your position turn into a swing trade so you can get maximum gains.
  • Cut through all the jargon and ‘Greek’ mumbo jumbo and learn how to follow a step-by-step process to create consistent income trading stock options.
  • How to know in advance which stocks are likely to explode (in any time frame) and when to jump in with confidence.
  • Simple rapid growth strategies for small accounts. Discover why it’s possible to make a whole lot more money with options than you can with trading stocks. The key is to follow a few precise option setups.
  • Learn why most traders will never be consistently profitable and discover how to actually profit from the most common (and costly) mistakes.
  • Why the current volatile conditions are a trader’s paradise, and key catalysts to watch for in the coming months.


Product Details
  • + 3 days of recorded live trading
  • Course Slides + Chat Transcripts Included
  • John F. Carter and Chris Brecher
  • Includes: Four indicators
  • Includes: Dynamic Homework, Options Foundation Course, and Back to Basics Course


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