Fibonacci Price Analysis:
Identify High Probability Turning Points in Any Time Frame While Limiting Risk

RECORDED: Strategy Session: Saturday, February 17th, 12-4PM CST

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Fibonacci Price Analysis is an essential part of any trading plan.

By identifying where price is likely to turn, it’s possible to make significantly larger profits with lower, clearly defined risk.

Fibonacci helps identify hidden support and resistance levels on almost any actively traded instrument, but there is a learning curve to profitably trading Fibonacci.
In this class, you will discover how to identify hidden support and resistance levels on almost any chart so that you know how to find profitable entries and exits with lower risk and greater confidence.

In this comprehensive introduction to Fibonacci Analysis, Carolyn Boroden, aka “The Fibonacci Queen”, will teach traders:

How to use Fibonacci support & resistance levels to find precise, high probability entries and exits, allowing you to stop chasing trades and start anticipating positions instead

Why Fibonacci analysis gives you an almost unfair edge when trading stocks, futures, currencies, and ETFs on almost any timeframe you prefer

A smart way to run Fibonacci Price Relationships using simple tools that are included in most trading platforms

How to quickly and easily find objective low risk entries in existing trends and spot where trends are likely to reverse


How to use simple Fibonacci extensions as profit taking targets, making it easier to stay in winning trades for longer with confidence

Why major turning points tend to occur at Fibonacci price clusters and how to adapt your position size and strategy accordingly

How to objectively utilize Fibonacci Price Relationships including retracements, extensions and projections to plan trades in advance

Keys to picking the proper highs and lows for analysis

How much data to use in your Fibonacci Analysis, and what data to ignore

And so much more...


February 17, 2018 from
12PM - 4PM CST

Build the foundation you need to implement Fibonacci Price Analysis into your trading with Carolyn’s 4-hour Fibonacci Analysis class.


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