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Discover Fibonacci trading strategies from the Fibonacci experts themselves. One of Simpler Trading’s best kept secrets is that you can get support and resistance levels directly from the Fibonacci Team. Lock in your membership with a $7 trial, and get full access to the Fibonacci Chat Room, Free Trading Room, Daily Videos & Charts, Weekly Watchlist, and Learning Center for 7 days.

How Can Fibonacci Analysis Change Your Trading?

Fibonacci analysis is conservative as well as consistent. Every Monday through Friday, you’ll get an in-depth analysis with the chance to have questions answered right there in the breakout room. The goal every day is to provide you with relatively low risk trade setups based on a unique brand of Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis. Even better, charts are updated constantly throughout the day. Worried about missing an alert? Even when you’re away from your computer, you’re able to use the Fibonacci analysis on the mobile app.

Take a look at this daily ES chart…


We use the same ratios that we use on the price axis of the market and apply it to the time axis.

Get full access to the Fibonacci Membership for 7 days, for only $7!


“Overall, an AWESOME service! I have had the opportunity over the past 5 years to use and learn your trading methodology, setups, and trading plan to become a profitable trader.”

- Rodney W.

“@henrygambell Your teaching on Fib, Squeeze, intrinsic values, Theta has helped me to stay calm and not jump onto trades too quickly. Still need lot more practice. Today it saved a lot on COST trade for me ! Thank you”


“Looking forward for the next training session! the way you teach Fib and Symmetry has helped me tons!!!”


“ Voodoo lines have helped my trading entry and exits tremendously on my own trade setups along with applying Fibs. Voodoo is well worth having on your charts. Fun to watch how the Voodoo levels are where many markets touch or close and certainly gravitate towards.”


What’s included in the Fibonacci Membership?

Our Fibonacci Team focuses on the ratios derived from the Fibonacci number series. Fibonacci enables you to identify relatively low-risk trade setups where the risk is clearly defined along with the targets. This works on any time frame and can be applied to Stocks, ETF’s, Options, Futures and the Forex markets. See things in the market that you will never see using indicators alone.

Some other great features of this service are:

sample video image

Premium Videos

In addition to the chart packet, our Fibonacci Team produces a video on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in which they explain most of the setups in the chart packet. This is another excellent way to prepare yourself for the trading day ahead.


Fibonacci Breakout Room

Ask questions during the live time in the Breakout Room Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:00am PST. The Breakout Room is accessible for members 5 days a week. This is the go-to spot for in-depth chart analysis, get your questions answered, and interact with the Fibonacci community.


Free Trading Room

Free Trading Room is designed for traders that are new to trading and new to Simpler. This is your go-to spot to get your questions answered and where you’ll find content on the basics of trading stocks, options, and futures. You’ll also get a lot of great insight on trading tech and platforms.


Learning Center

Discover tips for picking your setups, which time frames to use, and more with the Learning Center.

Meet the Fibonacci Team

David Starr

David Starr

VP of Quantitative Analysis

If there’s an academic background that would prepare someone to explore Fibonacci trading, David has it. His theoretical Mathematics degree and Finance work in his MBA is the right combination to give him an edge. He’s developed a deep understanding of both the mathematics of Fibonacci proportions and the way they shape market behavior. As a result, he’s been able to develop the Voodoo Lines® indicator, Ready.Aim.Fire! Pro, DynaRange®, and uses Fibonacci and Elliott Wave to create the Voodoo levels that he will be sharing in the room.

Henry Gambell

Henry Gambell

Sr. Managing Director of Options Trading

Henry is the Senior Managing Director of Options Trading. He began learning about Fibonacci nearly a decade ago under Carolyn Boroden. He first became interested in her work when he met her in Austin. Once he met her, he knew it was something he had to integrate into his work. That combined with years of study from John, David, and several other mentors has given him the foundation he uses today.






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Special Opportunity:

Fibonacci members also get access to the Voodoo Mastery with a shared trading room.

Here’s just some of what you can discover with Voodoo Mastery:

How Henry Gambell and David Starr combine precise entry and exit targets based on the Voodoo Lines with well-planned options setups 

How to “map out the market” using the Voodoo Lines 

How to identify directional and spread trades 

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