How To: Scanning For Early Entry Bars Using The Early In N Out Indicator

2016-04-13 | Eric Purdy

Recently we published an updated version of the Early In N Out indicator for TOS that adds in the ability to scan for the green early entry bars as well as a built-in audio alert. If you received the indicator as part of a webinar or purchased it from the Simpler Indicators store, please download the new version from the webinar recordings page or your original download location.


Now on to scanning. To scan for the green early entry bars you will need to go to the thinkorswim Scan tab and open the Stock Hacker. By default there are several scan parameters already pre-configured that you may want to remove by clicking the x at the far right. The next step is to click the button for “Add study filter” as shown below.


By default you will see ADXCrossover. Click the dropdown and select “CUSTOM”. This will bring up the Scanner Custom Filter dialog. Select the thinkScript editor tab and delete the ADXCrossover code from the window. Type “ST_EarlyInNOut().EarlyEntry” into the script editor. Lastly, choose your desired aggregation period for the scan. The daily interval is shown below. When complete, click OK.


That’s it for the heavy lifting. Just choose the watchlist you would like to use and run the scan to see your results.


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