How A Seasoned Professional Uses TOS - Advanced Shortcuts, Tips, & Tricks

2016-08-30 | Bruce Marshall

Do you want to take your trading to the next level? One element of success that many overlook is the trading platform. Because it is your gateway to the markets, it’s critical to know how to use it correctly, but top level traders will go beyond mere understanding and strive for mastery. They will get to know it inside and out to take advantage of its full potential. They will always continue to learn new ways to enhance their skill.

With that in mind, I’m doing a guided tour of how I use the ThinkorSwim (TOS) platform. The primary focus will my advanced tips and shortcuts that you may not even know about. I have used TOS for 10 years and, as you know, because there are new updates on a regular basis it is essential to stay on top of the changes. What I’m most excited to share are the many hidden gems that can make your trading more efficient and therefore more profitable.

I am convinced that the fastest and easiest way to master TOS is when an experienced user demonstrates how to use the platform from a trader’s perspective. The standard tutorials really only scratch the surface of what you need to know. That’s why once we get the basics knocked out, we’ll move on to what I consider to be the “profit making” uses, such as how to perform proper modeling of positions, and how to see potential outcomes over the life of a trade. We’ll also look at how to “see” risk in individual trades and also in your overall portfolio. And we’ll dive deep into comparing the risk / reward of different setups to help you to better identify trades that match your goals. In addition, we’ll evaluate different trade strategies side-by-side and compare and contrast to pick the more favorable set ups.

Space is limited for this interactive class, so if you’re interested in joining me be sure to register now to secure your spot. CLICK HERE to learn more.