Got Symmetry?

2016-01-26 | Carolyn Boroden

Over a week ago I posted a video of a trade setup via Twitter on $GLD.  Since I saw a pattern shift to higher highs and lows since the December 2015 low was made, I wanted to set up a pullback for a buy entry.  I was able to identify two key price support zones.

You can use this link to go back to the GLD video to see how it was unfolding.

What happened was the first price support zone was violated, but the second zone remained intact at the 102.26-68 area.  This was followed with buy TRIGGERS for an entry with our risk defined below this important price support.  Today target 1 was met at 107.25 and we are trailing up stops at this point.  One of the major components of this setup was the use of #SYMMETRY projections to identify this area of support.  This is what the Wednesday seminar will focus on.  If you only ran one price relationship….I would run #SYMMETRY.