Raghee’s Forex Trading Checklist

You’re about to discover the “paint by the numbers” Forex trading plan from a 30-year veteran trader who has never had a losing year trading the $5 trillion currency market.

Raghee Horner, Managing Director of Forex and Futures Trading at Simpler Trading, reveals the detailed plan she follows to trade strong currency trends. This is the Forex trading plan checklist she designed to help new and seasoned traders follow how she manages her trades to avoid risk and remain consistently profitable.

Raghee is a real-money millionaire currency trader who provides traders with her personal step-by-step Forex trading plan checklist. It’s like looking over her shoulder as she checks off the detailed plan to find, enter, manage, and exit profitable Forex trades.

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"Raghee, you've been terrific and very, very patient. It's difficult to teach hundreds of people the nuances of trading. You're one of the BEST instructors that I've ever been in a class with. THANK YOU!!!!!!!" - Tooner

"@RH Applied what we have been learning to a position in AMD this morning, up $900 in about 3 hours. Very excited." - David C

"@RH THANK YOU... this was AWESOME ... the dots are starting to connect ... I may even have 3 now!!! You are the best, thanks for the time & energy you put into your classes." - Sharon T

Who is Raghee Horner?

Raghee is Managing Director of Futures Trading here at Simpler. Her trading style was created by a system-inspired approach and a sequential process to building her trades. She’s most well-known for her specific tools (like her GRaB and Wave Premium Indicator). As a trend trader, identifying a dominant market trend is the first step. She uses three exponential moving averages and color-coded candles to visually identify the sentiment, momentum, and the trend. Her strategies, together with her indicators, allow any trader to approach the market more objectively, removing unsupported bias and emotions that can cloud judgment. Raghee utilizes fundamentals, technicals, and price action to deploy an objective, systematized strategy.

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