Unusual Options Activity:

The Savvy Stock Trader's 'Canary in the Coal Mine’

Live Trading Upgrade: Friday, August 19 from 12-3pm Central

As a former floor trader with more than 34 years’ experience, Chris Brecher uses Unusual Options Activity as his ‘Canary in the Coal Mine’. His goal is to find high probability setups with the potential for 70-80% winners.


Join Chris Brecher for an In-Depth 2-Hour Class and Private Live-Trade Session

If you want to profit from Unusual Options Activity, then do NOT waste your time on most of the hyped-up services out there. They’ll just soak you for hundreds of dollars every month and give you nothing more than bloated lists of alleged ‘takeover candidates’ to sort through. Even if you had unlimited capital, that shotgun approach is frustrating and will rarely pay off.

Ten out of the last ten setups that met Chris’s stringent criteria were profitable. The secret sauce is in how Chris uses the unusual activity in his own unique way. Here’s just some of what Chris will cover in this class:

  • Six trade setups that exploit Unusual Options Activity (only ONE is a takeover play)
  • Exactly what you need to trade these set-ups (Hint: you don’t need big lists of stocks)
  • Chris’s strict criteria that generates 1 or 2 high probability setups per week
  • Why you must avoid the ‘greed’ trade trap (Learn to predict the chart, not takeovers!)
  • When to jump on a setup and when to stand aside (this is key to long term profitability)
  • What Unusual Option Activity can tell you about stock direction with uncanny accuracy
  • How to follow the same step-by-step process Chris uses to select trades for his own account
  • Chris will breakdown recent examples to reveal why 10 out of the last 10 trades were winners
  • He’ll lay out strategies for swing trades and day trades (even if you have a smaller account)
  • And so much more…

Live Trading Upgrade - $100

Friday, August 19, 2016 from 12pm - 3pm Central