The Brecher Ledge Trade:

The Mighty Short Signal Nobody Knows About

Live Trading Upgrade: Thursday, December 15 / 1pm - 3pm Central

After more than 34 years trading stocks and options, Chris Brecher decided to dub one of his favorite short setups, ‘The Brecher Ledge’. He’s never heard anyone else talk about it, and yet it’s one of his best kept secrets. Now he’s finally agreed to do a class dedicated entirely to this little-known signal.

They say there’s always a bull market somewhere. Thanks to sector rotation, there are always short selling opportunities, too (even in the strongest bull markets). That’s great news for strategic traders, because stock prices fall up to 3 times as fast as they go up. The challenge is that you don’t want to get caught in a painful short-squeeze. So, the key to taking advantage of these ‘triple profit opportunities’ is to find the right stocks to short at the right time. And that requires a having a simple, yet reliable, entry trigger. Introducing Chris Brecher’s proprietary Ledge Trade.

Here’s just some of what Chris will cover in the class:

  • Why the Brecher Ledge Trade has the potential to blow away well-known patterns like the Bear Flag and Descending Triangle
  • The 3 best ways to find stocks ready to drop like a rock in just a few minutes a day
  • Chris’s simple (yet strict) criteria that targets the weakest stocks in bearish sectors
  • How to find no-brainer short setups, even in soaring bull markets
  • Why the Brecher Ledge trade is unknown (and why that can offer a ‘stealth’ advantage)
  • How to apply this uncanny accurate sell signal to stock indexes
  • Chris’s favorite time to exploit the leverage of options in combination with the Ledge Trade
  • The exact step-by-step process Chris uses to enter and exit with precise stops and targets
  • Detailed examples from recent setups (This is NOT a ‘theory’ class. Be ready to take action.)
  • How to day trade OR swing trade this pattern (even if you have a smaller account)
  • And so much more...

Live Trading + "Ledge" Indicator & Scans**

Thursday, December 15th from 1pm - 3pm Central

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