Bruce's Advanced TOS Tricks:

How to Unleash The Full Potential of the Platform

Thursday, September 1, 2016
from 6pm - 9pm Central

Join Bruce Marshall for a step-by-step ‘shortcut’ tutorial and let someone who has traded at a high level for hedge funds and other large institutions for more than 26 years walk you through exactly how he uses this essential tool.

Bruce Marshall

Most traders have no idea how powerful the TOS platform can be. In the hands of an experienced user, it’s a professional-grade options command center. But the ‘dollars are definitely in the details.’ If you want to maximize your profits and avoid common mistakes, it really helps to know a few tips and tricks. Unfortunately, the official tutorials can’t show you how to use the platform from a trader’s perspective.

Here's just some what you’ll discover:

  • Why one trader can profit while another loses on the same setup because one knows how to fully take advantage of the TOS platform and the other doesn’t
  • Everything you really need to know about the Analyze Tab but didn’t know to ask
  • How to anticipate the optimum time to exit a position using little-known calendar features
  • Why a single setting can make the key difference between profit and loss on a trade
  • How to quickly slice and dice trade ideas to model the risk to reward ratio that you really want
  • A simple and efficient checklist to follow to save you a lot of time evaluating trading ideas
  • How to visually model the full profit potential of a trade without getting lost in the weeds of technology
  • Specific hotkeys that most traders don’t even know are inside TOS (and why they can save a LOT of time and help avoid common mistakes)
  • Why it’s so important to calibrate your analysis depending on a stock’s price and market cap
  • And so much more...



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this being recorded?

Yes, the entire class will be recorded. After the live class concludes (usually within 1-3 hours) the online recording will be edited and posted on our dedicated recordings site for you to view at your convenience. You will receive an email letting you know when it's ready and where to go to access it. Both a streaming feed as well as a downloadable file are provided along with any other applicable downloadable course material. You have unlimited access to both.

What if I don't use ThinkorSwim (TOS)?

Given this class is specifically designed for traders using the TOS platform, unfortunately if you're not currently using TOS, it's not going to be the best fit for you. That said, if you're interested in becoming a TOS user and would like to sign up for the class, you can apply for the demo here.

Is this class applicable for beginners?

This is more of an advanced class however given that the class is recorded and you will have unlimited access to it, it's well worth it to take the class even if you're a beginner as putting these techniques into practice will help propel you into the next level.

What's different about this class from the previous "Guide to the TOS Analyze Tab" class with Bruce a few years ago?

a. ThinkorSwim has made several updates to the platform and the Analyze Tab itself. There are new tips and tricks around this and updates to some of the techniques Bruce discusses in that previous class.

b. This class will also focus on short-cuts for the "Trade Tab" along with several other Advanced techniques.