How to Hedge Risk With Options

One way to think about hedging is to consider it like insurance. When people hedge, they’re essentially insuring themselves against an event that could be costly to them. So, although hedging doesn’t prevent the negative event from occurring, it does help lessen the impact if something occurs. Hedging In The Financial Sense Hedging in the … Read more

commodity day trading

The Advantages of Commodity Day Trading

Would trader considers becoming a day trader, it would be wise to consider looking into the commodities markets. The commodities markets offer many advantages that other markets simply don’t. Because of this, commodity day trading may just be for you. One of the major advantages of commodity day trading is that you can focus on … Read more

Put/Call Ratio

What Is The Put/Call Ratio? The put/call ratio is the ratio of the volume in trading between the put option trading and the call options trading How To Get The Put/Call Ratio The symbol for the put/call ratio is $PCVA. You have to sign up for monthly access to the put/call ratio from Tradestation. The … Read more