Can You Get Rich Off Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are infamous for having a shady stigma. And because of that tainted brand, some consider them to have a bad reputation. Most traders usually see them as low-quality trades associated with high risk and high volatility. However, it’s a little harsh considering that’s not always the case. The definition of a penny stock … Read more

How to Overcome Trading Losses

In this post: What can be draining on our psyche and our account? What is the most common mistake a trader makes in their path to learning? As with most skills that are new to us and will take time to acquire, trading will involve many, many mistakes along the way. Those mistakes typically come … Read more

How to Find Growth Stocks

When it comes to trading, we all want to make money, but there are a few different ways to go about it. A lot of it can depend on your personality, your time horizon, or how much time you can dedicate to the act of trading. For me, options have never worked very well, but … Read more

Indexes Still Undecided

The markets have been on fire for months, but that isn’t necessarily the case beneath the surface. Despite the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq trucking along and making new all-time highs, there is a large contingent of tickers not doing well. One thought is that perhaps these stocks are cycling down into better buy points … Read more

Wild Swings Makes Cash King

In this post: What approach might not be for you if you find yourself losing money? When no gains can be viewed as a positive? What can you learn from past trades? The market has had a few wild swings lately. While the down move was the easier one to catch, staying out of the … Read more

Pullback On Horizon?

In this post: What is the name of the exchange traded fund that has been hitting new all-time highs? When did the SPY and QQQ move down? Which stocks am I watching now? Good news, the S&P 500 (SPY) and Invesco QQQ (Nasdaq exchange traded fund) have been hitting new all-time highs. This reinforces the … Read more

Is Market Behavior Pre-Determined?

In this post: What do computer algorithms use to understand price levels? What do I use as a strong indication that price is getting too far from support? What is my prediction for market behavior during summer? The market has been on a tear since the Covid-19 low back around mid-March of last year, but … Read more

Two Day Trade?

Right now, I’m feeling like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I took two small trades, which if they work, might only go for two days. The SPY is near all-time highs as it keeps bumping along the Daily 50 SMA. On the surface, this should be fine, but I just am … Read more

Inverse Trampoline Setup

The market had a pretty rough day on March 3rd, but your accounts probably already told you that. I know mine did when all my stops got hit over the course of a few days. And with all that fresh cash burning a hole in our pockets, I know we were itching to put it … Read more

February is Seasonally Weak

February is Seasonally Weak

In this post: What month is typically a weak month for trading? How a market could be compered to an athlete runner? Hey Market Pilots, February is typically a weak month, and while that sounds like no fun or detrimental to our accounts, we should keep a few things in mind when contextualizing it. While … Read more