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Best Day Trading Indicators

One of the most essential tools day traders can use when trading are indicators. Indicators can help traders find some of the best stocks, options, futures, and ETFs in the market. However, they are just a small piece of a large and complex puzzle known as the stock market. Using indicators alongside technical and analytical … Read more


Understanding Futures Markets

The futures market has evolved over the years. It’s evolved from hedging contracts for farmers to contracts on assets of all kinds – including Bitcoin. If you’re considering jumping into futures, you’ll want to understand how futures markets work. Let’s take a look at the world of futures trading.  Futures Contracts Explained  Futures trading means … Read more

How to Trade ETFs

Bullish, bearish, chop… ETFs are your edge! Many traders overlook the Exchange Traded Funds otherwise known as ETFs. But what does ETF really mean? Until you grasp what symbols make up an ETF and how to trade ETFs, you’re going to be missing out on some great opportunities.  What Are ETFs?  An ETF is a … Read more