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Day Trading Futures

Regarding popular trading methods, it doesn’t get any more popular than Day Trading. Day trading occurs when traders buy and sell securities within the same trading day.  However, day trading is fast-acting execution that can last a few minutes to a few hours, but the trade is over before the end of the trading session. … Read more

Flash Reset

In this post: What is my forever favorite trading instrument? Why do I plan my trading week from Tuesday to Friday? Why is September my favorite month in the trading year? As a trader, my first love was and always will be Options. Later I started trading futures, and even though I just finished teaching … Read more

Stay Sharp

In this post: What is the name of my favorite trading setups based on chart formation, Squeeze, and short interest? What are my favorite long-term growth stocks? Why are there particular options strategies that can be very inexpensive but at the cost of a lower probability trade? This entry isn’t really about macroeconomics, it doesn’t … Read more

Place your bets!

In this post: What are the top 3 stocks I’m following? What is the reason I like DKNG so much? Why I have been focusing on trading copper and Nickel, not silver or gold The market is full of opportunity, so let’s dive in and I’ll show you what I’m talking about with the Top … Read more


2021 – The Year of Gamma

In this post: What is GME? What are my thoughts on the current state of the real-estate cycle? Why do I view the adoptions of e-mails and crypto adoption as similar? Don’t worry we aren’t going to talk about GamesStop (GME), I just need to get that out of the way just in case you … Read more

Ready to Pounce

Ready to Pounce

In this post: What do GameStop, Chewy, and Carvana have in common? Why you shouldn’t do over-positioning unless your specific trading plan allows you to do? How to set up for a momentum? So after the first and second week of November 2020, we got to see the first sample of how a market can … Read more