• The Shift

    The Shift

    Everything goes in cycles, so when the markets shift you need to shift you’re trading to take advantage of the best performing stocks and ETF’s.
  • How To Make $247,000 Overnight?

    How To Make $247,000 Overnight?

    Unusual option activity can show you big buys or sells placed ahead of an earnings move and can sometimes give you a “heads-up” that something big may happen one way or the other.
  • Simpler Sentiment - Weekly Wrap-Up 11/25/16

    Simpler Sentiment - Weekly Wrap-Up 11/25/16

    Our traders were all bullish this week though some concern is creeping back in.
  • Black Friday Freebee - Market Metrics

    Black Friday Freebee - Market Metrics

    Enter the Market Metrics study. It allows you to plot any of these metrics as a subgraph indicator on your main price chart. The indicator itself is fairly self explanatory but I have included a link to the ThinkScripter video I did a few years back with a full explanation of the setup.
  • Trading Thanksgiving

    Trading Thanksgiving

    My take on any shortened week is to use it something like a binary event. Use it to help nail down your understanding of spreads and to also flex your discipline. I'm going to enter a spread on Monday, modify on Wednesday if needed, then flatten out Friday morning.