Auto Loans And The Potential For A Bubble?

2016-01-19 | Bruce Marshall

Over the weekend, I was reading about the all-time record in auto loans and the potential for a bubble in a sub-prime auto loan sector.  The stats are pretty scary…. All time high on the average length of loans (67 months for new cars), all time high dollar amount being financed (29k for new cars), all time high of the average actual payment (approximately $500), etc.   The only way to continue this momentum is to find more buyers and/or offer even more “creative” financing.   This looks bubble-ish to me.     In addition, the FED is telling us the economy is heating up, however even with super low fuel prices, Walmart is closing stores, warnings from Tiffany’s, Macys, Gap,  etc. are telling me a different story.     The Commerce Dept. report from last Friday shows that 2015 overall year retail sales were the weakest since 2009.   This does not mean the market can’t rally, but again, we just need to remain cautious.