Time to Adapt

Time to Adapt

One of the greatest strengths of the human race is our ability to adapt to our environment. Not the kind of adapting where we grow fur, webbing, or a new limb, but rather, adapt mentally.

Is FAANG getting GAAF D

Is FAANG getting GAAF’D?

FAANG was the acronym created from the powerhouse stocks that lead the way for many years as they grew to huge significance in the market. It was a catchy term that helped seat them in our brains and, with a fierce term like that, probably helped them grow on aura alone. One thing we reliably … Read more

TiVo the Market

I would venture to guess that most of you know and remember TiVo. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, TiVo came out in 1999 and allowed us to record live TV so we could watch it later with the added bonus of being able to fast forward through commercials. The fast forwarding … Read more

Sector Rotation

Sector Rotation

It’s Fed day again! The time when markets come to a standstill as they hold their breath, waiting anxiously for nuanced words in the report, and of course, what the interest rate will be. I have covered this event before in a Simpler Blog named “Don’t Fight the Fed” so I won’t repeat all that … Read more

Fail Fast

Fail Fast

“Fail fast” was a phrase taught to me during a business coaching presentation while I was in my financial advising career in my mid 20’s. It is a phrase that has stuck with me ever since because of its power and seemingly contradictory meaning. Nobody likes to fail at something, right? Yet here was a … Read more

Simpler Trading - Unusual Territory

Unusual Territory

Today’s blog is going to be more of an anecdotal one. As a stock market professional who spends all day seeing, listening, and consuming market related and political information, I thought I would share with you a general summary of the unusual territory we are finding ourselves in. There are some growing divergences in a … Read more


A Market Pilot’s Checklist

There are some things in life that are so mundane and commonplace we forget that it had to actually be invented. The concept of a checklist is relatively new to us as it was invented in 1935 after a test flight of the new Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress which crashed on takeoff. After investigation, it … Read more