Ethereum Under Regulatory Scrutiny

Ethereum Under Regulatory Scrutiny

Cryptocurrency and Government Regulation Cryptocurrency has been difficult for the government to regulate ever since Bitcoin seemed to creep out of a computer programmer’s basement somewhere. But now that Bitcoin is more or less being left alone by big brother, the eyes are drifting to other coins to deem whether or not they should be … Read more

Bullish The Ags

Below are three charts. In technical analysis, wheat has a possible Double Top in place. There are no Triple Tops in technical analysis. With a major crop report out on Thursday, any retest of the old highs at 437.5-437.75 is a buying opportunity. I am long March Wheat looking for much higher prices. I have … Read more

Trade Of The Year?


Short Eurodollar Futures – June 2017 Eurodollar Chart – Possible Double Top. With the job situation much improved in America and inflation ticking up again, I firmly believe the Fed will move sooner rather than later in the quest to normalize rates. Please remember, you cannot have inflation without wage growth and wages are averaging … Read more