As I look back on the week – and it’s been an amazing one – here’s the view. Whether the FOMC hikes in December or not makes the next Non-Farm Payroll, Unemployment Data, and CPI releases major market movers. We’ll be back on the will-they-or-won’t-they rollercoaster as data will determine how heavily and quickly the … Read more

June Rate Hike?

Fed Chair Yellen didn’t do much to change hawkish optimism with her discussion Friday afternoon. I would not say it was everything that FOMC hawks wanted to hear. But it did not undo the sentiment that rate hikes could come soon. But June? I don’t see that in Fed Fund futures. The gold and U.S. Dollar … Read more

What’s Next For The U.S. Dollar?

A question on the tip of many traders’ tongues. No doubt. We can talk of “rogue” Fed Members whose name is not Janet Yellen pushing a hawkish message. In the end, it’s only her words that should truly matter. There are three charts to watch that paint a clear picture of the direction of rates. While … Read more