Getting Stopped Out A Lot?

Successful traders know losses are just a cost of doing business. Inevitably some trades are out of synch with market and a loss is the price for being wrong. Other times you can be ‘right’ about a trading idea and get stopped out anyway. Typically, this happens when you enter too early or at the … Read more

The Simpler Cast – JC’s Macro August Outlook

In this week’s SimplerCast (, John pointed out that August is usually a low volume month which can make for a quiet market – or it can see a lot of manipulation as no one is around. That is why he turns his attention to earnings. “While the market may be quiet, there is always … Read more

Curbing Your Anxiety While In A Trade

Traders experience a variety of challenges while in an actual trade. From the classic deer in the headlights syndrome (this isn’t happening, this isn’t happening, this isn’t happening), to the fear of pulling the trigger in the first place. We’ve all been there. We’ve seen that movie. Some of us are watching it right now. … Read more

When She Turns On You…

Ah, a trend. Each day the market moves in your favor. The retracements are shallow and non-threatening. Time passes quickly, in a low-stress fashion. The money piles up. Life is good. And then … the trend changes. Abruptly. How to deal with it? The perfect answer is an announcement, preferably over a loudspeaker, that tells … Read more

High Probability Moments In Time

Trading is not about being on the right side of the market each day. That’s impossible, especially when it is Wall Street’s job to lure people in like a newborn baby to the tit. Feeling comfortable and bullish at the end of the year? So was everyone else. Snuggle up and start drinking. By February … Read more