Timing A Shift In Volatility

As we head toward Friday’s monthly expiration, I’ve watched, read, and discussed more opinions of the market than I care to rehash. To some degree I think that’s because we’re trading at such an extended range and “reversion to the mean” traders continue to argue a pullback while those that are riding the trend continue … Read more

Symmetry Setups

Symmetry is one of the most helpful concepts I’ve found in trading. As any student of the markets will tell you, “we’re trying to make predictions on the future based off analysis of the past”. Another way of saying it might be “If it’s done this before, maybe it has a chance of doing it … Read more

A Look At $AAPL Into Earnings

This Tuesday, January 26th, Apple Inc. is set to report earnings after the market close. Earnings are interesting to me in that they seem to be one of the reasons trader’s will use to abandon all logic and instead adopt a view based on personal conviction. Apple is a prime example of that with a … Read more

5 Rules For Trading Monthly Expiration

As options traders there is 1 day out of the month that usually carries a bit more weight than others, monthly expiration. This is the 3rd Friday of every month and tends to get trader’s attention as contracts in this series either have to be closed or rolled to a further dated expiration. That’s typically … Read more